The Federation of Castleton & Glaisdale

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Castleton and Glaisdale primary schools are now a federation. Details of how the federation came about can be found in this Whitby Gazette article of the 28th of February 2013...

Two North Yorkshire primary schools have decided to federate from the spring.

The governing bodies of Castleton community primary school and Glaisdale primary school have decided to federate in April to strengthen the two schools and to maintain high standards of teaching and learning.

Governors of the two schools held a formal consultation on the proposal, including a number of public meetings, and are going ahead after backing from parents, staff and the community.

Under this federation the schools will retain their own budgets and buildings and remain part of their community. But they will have a shared leadership and management and a single governing body working in the best interests of both schools and their pupils.

Castleton and Glaisdale already work closely. They are both small schools and share a headteacher. Key stage two children work together once a week and staff collaborate daily. Also, the schools are part of the wider Esk Valley alliance through which all Esk Valley schools plan together, share the subject expertise of staff, train together and identify opportunities for children to work together.

Governors feel that federation will bring benefit children at both schools in terms of educational and social experiences and more targeted teaching and for staff in terms of professional development. It also means the schools can share and make best use of their resources, which is an advantage in the current tough financial climate.

Children at the two schools are enthusiastic about opportunities to work together. They see it as the chance to "make even more people from other villages...learn what we have in common and get to see what other schools do...already have friends when we go to secondary school."

County Councillor Arthur Barker, executive member for schools, said: "The local authority has given its full backing to this formal federation because it makes sense for the pupils of Castleton and Glaisdale in every way. The federation will serve to combine the strengths of both schools and will widen opportunities for pupils in terms of access to more specialist teaching and socially. We believe this is the best solution to ensure a robust and sustainable future for these schools which give great service to their rural communities."